Doppler Ultrasound Sonogram Center

Doppler ultrasound works on the same principle as that of any other sort of ultrasound, that is, SONAR with a little difference, the one used by bats and dolphins to determine the distance between them and the object in their way. In a Doppler ultrasound, the transducer of the machine is moved on the skin above the blood vessel under examination, which sends ultrasonic sound waves towards the vessel and after hitting any solid thing, even a blood cell reflects back toward the transducer. The movement of the cells changes the pitch of the sound wave. This affect is known as the Doppler Effect. This changed sound wave through the transducer is amplified by a microphone in the machine, and the machine draws graphs and images from the wave.  The pitch of the wave is not changed if there is no blood in the vessel.

There are mainly, four types of Doppler ultrasounds:

1. Continuous Wave Doppler:

This type of ultrasound uses the change in pitch to determine the level of blood flow through a particular vessel. If the change in pitch is lower than the standard level, the blood flow is lower than the required level, showing some kind of hindrance. If there is no change then it means that there is no blood flow through that vessel.

2. Duplex Doppler:

Duplex Doppler uses standard ultrasound techniques. It creates an image of the blood vessel, on the screen of the machine, and also draws a graph that shows the speed and direction of the blood.

3. Color Doppler:

It is a standard ultrasound technique; the difference is just that it produces a colored image of the Doppler’s sound on the vessel under examination representing the flow of blood in that vessel.

4. Power Doppler:

The power Doppler ultrasound is an advanced form of color Doppler. It can get the images of those things that are impossible for color Doppler.
There are some dos and don’ts for undergoing a Doppler ultrasound. The patient needs to stop consuming things such as nicotine at least 2 hours before the process starts. Moreover, the patient should wear loose fitting clothes, and might even have to remove some or all of the clothes. The patient must also not wear any kind of jewelry or ornaments.
Generally the results shown by Doppler ultrasound are correct but there are some factors that might affect the results. If there is gas in intestine bone above the area being studied the results might be not accurate. Extreme obesity or irregular heart beat also affects the results. Finally, if the patient does not remain still the results might not be accurate. As children are difficult o keep still during the ultrasound , they might need to be sedated. Finally, one should make sure that the ultrasound center that has been selected has qualified and experienced staff.
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